Press Release

The River Caught Sunlight Press Release

July 31, 2014

When Katie Andraski arrived at her job publicizing an upstart evangelical publisher, her mother was given nine months to live. Within the year, both parents died, and she was tasked with promoting Frank and Francis Schaeffer as they urged evangelicals to take a radical stand against abortion, which meant anything from civil protest to using violence against abortion clinics if Roe v. Wade could not be repealed.

Andraski disagreed with the work she was promoting, feeling that she was betraying her understanding of Christianity, but she also felt like Judas betraying her authors when she spoke to journalists, though she convinced them to run stories in publications like The New York Times, Newsweek, US News and World Report, and Publishers Weekly. All the while she was grieving her parents’ deaths.

The River Caught Sunlight is a fictional retelling of Andraski’s story. She says, “For me, writing for me is a healing art. This was such a painful time in my life that the novel wouldn’t release me until I was dumped into a deep peace. But it took thirty years of writing and rewriting to make the story come right.”

This book contributes to the national conversation with regards to the beginnings of the Tea Party and the politicization of evangelicalism. Frank Schaeffer has claimed he is partly responsible for the rise of that faction. Here is a link: describing Schaeffer’s own take on this.

About The River Caught Sunlight, he says, “It’s odd to find my darker self fictionalized. But in another life (as it were) Katie and I traveled together when she was doing publicity work for my right wing evangelical crusades. Like all good writers Katie has plucked her story from her life. This book has a piercing insight at its heart as humane as it is damning of religion gone off the rails.”



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